Commercial Propane

Learn about the benefits of Building with Propane 

Reliable propane delivery is essential for the everyday maintenance of your business. Superior Energy is trusted by hundreds of small and large businesses to deliver the propane that ensures warmth for employees; keeps the trucks and forklifts running; keeps customers happy.

We offer the services businesses need, including with the following: 

  • Temporary Heating
  • Food Industry/Hotels
  • Education
  • Forklift/Motor Fuel
  • Cylinder Exchange
  • Safety
  • Auto Gas

Temporary Heating

Superior Energy LLC propane is the perfect solution for all of your temporary heating needs. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, Superior Energy is the right choice for any propane project. One of our employees will provide comprehensive safety and technical advice and design a customized delivery schedule to keep your job running smoothly.

Food Industry/Hotels

Pictured: Tobacco being dried out by gas in a tobacco shed.

Many commercial establishments, such as restaurants, motels and hotels, use propane like a homeowner does: for water heating (including pools), space heating and cooking. Propane gas lets your customers live everyday life in comfort while keeping energy costs down.

Superior Energy, LLC propane is used in restaurants because of our consistent and dependable cooking. The cost of energy is a large component of restaurants' operating costs, and taking risks from an unreliable energy source would impact their operations for the worse. There are also alternative food industry uses for propane, such as heating hot water for dishwashers, preventing heating outages with back-up generators and providing warmth in seasonal rooms through space heaters. Superior Energy, LLC offers competitive prices, fantastic business support and certified technicians while slashing energy costs which helps businesses run at peak performance. 


Superior Energy LLC meets all of the school's energy demands, including running the fleet of School buses, and donates annually to help improve students' educational experience. Our School Days Program gives schools the opportunity to earn several thousand dollars for any need including books, computers and various sports equipment. Making money is easy: simply collect receipts from local businesses and families who use our propane and send them to us! How easy is that?

Forklift/Motor Fuel

Propane-powered forklifts consistently demonstrate the ability to push, pull and lift heavy loads at full capacity with swifter ground speeds than electric lifts. Forklifts using propane maintain 100-percent power throughout operation, but typically last up to twice as long as gas engines. It produces fewer engine deposits than gasoline and diesel fuel causing lower maintenance costs. Clean-burning propane also helps you meet local and Federal emissions standards as propane is a non-toxic clean-burning fuel. There's no evaporation into the atmosphere or spillage loss.

Cylinder Exchange

The Superior Energy, LLC Cylinder Exchange is a safe and convenient way to refill your empty propane cylinder. You can exchange your cylinder at various locations such as your local grocery store or gas station or buy a spare for future use. Whether you're a retailer interested in offering propane to your consumers or simply a homeowner who owns a grill, our Cylinder Exchange is exactly what you're looking for.


Every cylinder comes equipped with an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD), which complies with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations. The OPD is a specially designed float device that prevents accidental overfilling, which can cause undesirable gas venting. An OPD valve also stops the flow of gas when a tank is not connected. In addition, every Superior Energy, LLC cylinder is safety inspected and leak tested by a trained Superior Energy, LLC employee.

Auto Gas

Click here to download a propane autogas calculator tool for your desktop! Want a web version instead? Click here.