Residential Propane

learn about The benefits of a home powered by Propane

You're going to love the benefits of propane! When natural gas isn’t available, propane fuels your home with the same comfort, reliability and more while offering significant advantages over electricity and oil. The more you discover the more you’ll want to choose propane.

The Benefits of Propane include:

  • Energy efficient and heats quickly
  • Less expensive than electricity
  • Installs safely in any home
  • Propane gas furnaces last an average of 20 years, six years more than electric.

Energy Savings

Propane offers you the savings of a gas home combined with the pleasures of country living. Propane appliances such as water heaters, space heaters, clothes dryers and stoves are more efficient and cost less to operate than comparable electric units.

Superior Energy LLC offers dependable propane services for your home. When searching for a local propane supplier, you want the right partner. Superior Energy employees live in the same communities they serve. They understand your needs as a home propane user: convenience, flexibility, and reliability.

Superior Energy can heat your home, warm your water, cook your meals, and dry your clothes. We’re there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing you with the service you need to keep your home and family comfortable.

Becoming a New Customer

When it's time to choose a propane supplier, you'll want the right partner by your side. At Superior Energy, we offer reliable, convenient and efficient propane service to our customers. All businesses have specific energy needs, so the steps to partnering with us may vary based on your specific propane needs. However, you'll follow some or all of these general steps:

Step 1: Initial Contact

Call Superior Energy, LLC at 860-875-6221 to begin a new customer process. A company representative will determine from your address if we provide service to your business. We offer special programs for regional multi-location accounts.

Step 2: Determining Your Propane Service Needs

An Superior Energy, LLC representative will meet with you and conduct a site survey to determine your propane energy needs. Here are some general guidelines about partnering with Superior Energy, LLC to fuel your business:

  • Switching suppliers - If you are switching from another propane supplier to Superior Energy, LLC, we'll schedule an appointment to install the needed storage capacity of Superior Energy, LLC tanks/cylinders at your location, conduct a system safety check and activate your propane service. Then, we'll establish a delivery schedule that meets your needs. We know how vital propane is to your business, so the entire transition can be completed without an interruption to your propane service.
  • Switching energy sources - If you are switching to propane from another energy source, we'll schedule an appointment for a site survey. During this appointment, a Superior Energy, LLC representative will help you determine your propane needs and provide necessary information on how propane can meet your energy requirements efficiently and affordably. Superior Energy, LLC provides turnkey services - from coordinating equipment needs to training employees on the safe handling of propane.
  • New construction - If you are building new construction, we'll schedule a site survey to determine the propane storage needs, location, permitting and other pertinent data. Superior Energy, LLC can meet your temporary heat needs during construction and supply the permanent propane service after construction. We will install the propane storage tanks/cylinders in a location that is easily accessible for employees during construction and non-conspicuous as a permanent location. With Superior Energy, LLC, your new propane system will be in working order long before the "Grand Opening!"
  • Customer-owned tank - If you or your company owns the propane storage tanks/cylinders at the location, we'll conduct a system safety check before establishing the best delivery schedule.

Step 3: New Service Agreement

Before setting up service, your Superior Energy, LLC Representative will work with you to finalize a written agreement specific to your unique needs.

Step 4: Determining Your Delivery and Payment Options

Superior Energy, LLC offers several delivery and payment options, sure to meet your business needs. In most cases, we'll set up our forecasting system based on your use and propane storage capacity so we can predict when a delivery is needed. It's an ideal system for commercial and industrial applications because it saves you time and money.

We want to remind you of the many value-added benefits of partnering with Superior Energy, LLC:

  • Superior Energy, LLC' World-Class Safety
  • Worry-free Automatic Delivery, backed by a No Run Out Guarantee*
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Various Payment Options
  • New Customer Referral Awards

*Certain restrictions apply. Must be on automatic delivery and in good credit standing.

Superior Energy, LLC accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Read more: Prospective Customers FAQ's

Payment and Service Options

At Superior Energy, LLC, we make it easy and hassle-free to do business. Below are our three different payment options:


Pre-Buy allows home heating customers to pay in advance for their estimated propane usage with one payment at a guaranteed price. This program saves you time and money all year long.

SmartPay Budget Plan

SmartPay is the perfect plan for customers who do not want a locked-in price, but do want to make monthly payments. This plan allows customers to make monthly payments based on their previous or estimated annual propane usage. SmartPay also includes a 'No Run Out Guarantee' that credits a certain amount of gallons if a customer runs out of propane. Superior Energy, LLC will periodically review a customer's monthly payment amount and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the customer's monthly payment appropriately matches annual propane usage and current propane costs.


Superior Energy, LLC will enroll most propane customers in our Automatic Delivery program. We forecast your usage so that you never have to call for delivery - we'll be there before you even need us!

Automatic Delivery

Superior Energy enrolls most propane customers in the Automatic Delivery program.

*Minimum gallon requirement applies. **Installations must meet safety standards. Certain restrictions apply.

Standard Installation

The Superior Energy, LLC installation guide is complete with diagrams and detailed notes to educate builders/contractors on important aspects of different installations, involving above-ground cylinders, underground tanks and above-ground tanks. Superior Energy, LLC prides itself on its flexibility to install propane in virtually any location. Let us help you experience the advantages of propane in your home:

  • Aboveground Cylinder Installation
  • Underground and Aboveground Tank Installation
  • Underground Tank Installation