Liquid Propane Safety Tips: Gas Logs and Fireplaces

Gas Logs and Fireplaces

Have your propane gas log and fireplace systems checked each fall. During your propane gas supplier's inspection, a trained technician will check the system, clean the control compartments and burners, and make sure all components are operating properly. Propane fireplaces are either direct-vent or vent- free. Direct-vent units require outside air to support combustion and are typically installed on outside wall. Check the outside vent to keep it free of leaves or debris.

Vent-free gas hearths, logs and free-standing stove units rely on inside air to support combustion and vent directly into the room. Newer units must have an oxygen-depletion sensor that automatically turns off the unit if the oxygen level gets too low. If you smell gas, whether the fireplace or stove unit is operating or not, call us.