Liquid Propane Safety Tips: Storing Gas Grills

Storing Gas Grills

Propane gas grills should be cleaned before storage. You will need warm soapy water, a brass-bristle brush, a soft cloth, toothpicks, sandpaper, a bottle brush and your grill owner's manual. First clean the briquettes and cooking grids. Flip the briquettes over so the greasy side faces the burner. Replace the grids, light the grill, close the lid, and set the flame on high for 15 minutes. Allow to cool, and remove any remaining grease with the brass-bristle brush and soapy water. Next, turn off the burner controls and cylinder valve and disconnect the cylinder from the regulator assembly. Clean the burner unit with a soft cloth and soapy water. Then dry it and clear out each gas port on the burner with a toothpick. Clean the tubes with a bottle brush and set the entire assembly aside to dry. Check the tank for dents and rust, and replace if necessary. Finally, wrap the gas orifices under the control panel with aluminum foil to keep them dry while you clean the grill housing with the brass-bristle brush and soapy water. Leave the foil in place to keep out insects and debris during storage. For outdoor storage, keep the tank hooked up and cover the grill. Make sure the supply valve is closed. If you store the grill housing indoors, disconnect the tank and leave it outside in an upright position away from dryer or furnace vents and children's play areas.