Liquid Propane Safety Tips: Latch-Key Children

Latch-Key Children

Parents should make sure children who are home alone know the rules of gas appliance safety. Let your children know what typical noises your furnace, water heater or refrigerator can make. They will be less fearful on their own if they know that your water heater normally gurgles or the furnace sometimes creaks and pops.

Children should know not to turn on propane gas appliances without parental supervision; to keep papers and toys away from furnaces, space heaters and gas fireplaces; and to steer clear of propane storage tanks and shut-off valves.

Naturally odorless propane gas has a rotten-egg smell added to it, to help identify any leaks. Make sure your child recognizes the smell by using a 'scratch and sniff' brochure available from your propane supplier. Tell your children if they smell gas, they should leave the home right away, without using any electric switches or appliances. Children should go to a trusted neighbor's home for help, and call mom or dad or the fire department from there.