Gas Safety Check Safety Tips

Liquid Propane Safety Tips

Gas Safety Check

If your home has a propane furnace, water heater, range or other conveniences, you should schedule an annual gas check of your whole propane system, including the appliances. Your local propane gas supplier will send a specially trained service technician to check your system for leaks and ensure that it meets all applicable safety standards. The technician will also check your tank, piping, regulators, gauges, connectors, valves, vents, thermostats, pilots, burners and appliance controls to make sure they are in good working condition. We also suggests that homeowners who fuel furnaces and appliances with propane contact their local dealer about having their propane delivery accounts put on "automatic." An automatic or 'keep-full' account ensures that an adequate supply of gas will be available, no matter how cold the weather or treacherous the road conditions.

Propane has an odorant added for easy identification of any leaks. If you smell gas, whether the heater is operating or not:

  1. Do not touch any electric switches, light matches or use the phone.

  2. Exit the structure immediately.

  3. If there is an outside tank, turn off the gas valve at the tank. The valve is located under the dome or protective cover of the tank. To close it, turn the wheel or handle to the right as for as 'it can go.

  4. Call your propane supplier or fire department from a neighbor's phone.