Liquid Propane Safety Tips: Pools and Spas

Pools and Spas

Propane pool, spa and hot tub heaters must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, and in accordance with state or local building or fire codes. Learn and follow local regulations for the safe connection, use and storage of propane equipment. When lighting or re-lighting the pilot or turning the heater on or off, refer to the manufacturer's instructions on the name and rating plate, which should be attached to the heater inside the control compartment. Do not place or drape towels, swimsuits or T-shirts on or near the heater or attempt to use it as a dryer. Inspect your heater periodically to make sure it burns cleanly, is well-vented and is free of leaks. Contact your local propane gas supplier to schedule a safety check on your heater and other propane-fueled home appliances. If you smell gas, whether the heater is operating or not, exit the pool or spa area immediately without touching electrical switches, lighting matches or using the phone. Before you leave, close the valve on the tank that feeds gas to the appliance. The valve is located under the dome or protective cover of the tank. To close it, turn the wheel or handle to the right as for as it can go. Then call your propane supplier or the fire department from a neighbor's telephone.