Liquid Propane Safety Tips: Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Inspect your propane camping equipment carefully before you leave home. Check for leaks by soaking each fuel cylinder connection with soapy water or leak solution and look for telltale bubbles. If you detect a leak, call your propane supplier. Make sure your shelter, tent or camper is adequately ventilated. Never turn in at night with a stove, cooker or lantern still burning. Do not store propane cylinders in temperatures above 120° F. Use propane stoves or fish cookers on a level surface in an open, well-ventilated area away from shrubs or dry wood. Before connecting the stove or cooker to the propane cylinder, make sure the valve is set at OFF. If ignition doesn't occur immediately, turn off the gas, wait for it to dissipate, then try again. When lighting, keep your hands and fingers to the side of the burner, not over it, and keep hair, sleeves and shirttails away from the flame. When repacking, storing or transporting a cooking appliance, remember to disconnect it from the fuel cylinder and let it cool down. Cover and store in a clean, dry place. On lanterns, check the cylinder, valve connections and mantle before each use, and make sure no dirt has lodged in the valve. Never operate a lamp or lantern without a mantle or with a damaged mantle.