Hazmat Fee: A More Detailed Explanation

Over the years, our company has been beset by ever-increasing government regulations especially for companies like us who transport propane and are classified as a hazardous material shipper. These regulations have placed a financial burden on our company & industry as a whole. Today we are compelled to comply with:

  • US Department of Energy Reporting

  • CT Office of Policy and Management Reporting

  • New NFPA 58 Employee Training Requirements

  • OSHA compliance,

  • New Right to Know laws

  • Tier II reporting

  • Increased Truck Maintenance Programs

  • Hazardous Material regulations

  • Commercial Driver Rules

  • Certified Employee Training

  • Gas Check Training

  • Federal Pipeline Safety Regulation-DPUC compliance

  • Underwriting Insurance Requirements

  • New Homeland Security Planning and training post 9/11

Compliance with the list above, are now fixed costs to our company operation. To offset these costs, we are now sharing these costs with our customers at time of fuel delivery. This is not a government fee or tax. It is a modest charge to fund the growing cost of company operations.