Safety During A Power Outage: Tips for Buying a Generator

Don't get caught in the dark ever again!

Superior Energy is here to help you protect your home and family during blackouts. It’s time to take control by getting a reliable, propane-powered generator.

Have ever felt powerless? Sitting in the dark while hundreds of dollars worth of food spoil in your refrigerator and freezer? If you lose electricity you also lose running water for drinking, bathing, flushing the toilet...meanwhile, your basement could flood since the sump pump is now worthless—and your kids could go crazy without a TV or computer, while you desperately try to keep your cell phone batteries charged so that you can keep updated on the status of the blackout. We'll help you find the perfect solution for your home & budget so you can rest easy winter.

Safety During A Power Outage: Tips for Buying a Generator

If you're thinking of buying a generator, consider these five tips:

1. Research your options. There are many variables at play: gasoline vs. propane; whole-house versus portable generators; and a wide range of costs, from a few hundred dollars to many thousands.

2. Identify your needs. Do you want the generator just to power the essentials, such as heat, cooking appliances and electricity in a few rooms? Or do you want the whole house to be powered up? Your needs should determine the size of the generator you buy.

3. Check with your town about rules and permits. You may need a permit to install a whole-house generator, and there also may be rules about where it can be placed.

4. Hire a professional. Hire a licensed professional to install your generator rather than attempting to do it yourself. It can be very dangerous if you did not do it properly, somebody could get hurt. If a generator is exposed to water or it is not properly grounded, it can cause electrocution.

5. Follow safety rules. Generators should never be used anywhere indoors, even if the area is ventilated. Portable generators placed outside should not be near doors, vents or open windows leading into the home. And carbon-monoxide detectors should be installed in case CO is accidentally released into the home. Fuel for portable generators should be stored away from the house and from children in clearly labeled and durable containers.

While we can’t predict outages, blackouts, or hazardous weather conditions, with a generator you can know you have taken the measures to plan for them and protect your home and family. And with a generator bought with Superior's quality maintenance checks, you can rest easy knowing Superior is there to protect you.

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